Superman #111 Dutch Edition Comic Book

Kobold Mxyzptlk zet alles op z’n kop!

Imp Mxyzptlk turns everything upside down!

Just picked up this Dutch Superman reprint comic from eBay. Published in 1980 by De Vrijbuiter Groep Tilburg (Warrior Publishing Group Tilburg), this 52 page comic features a reprint of a Mxyzptlk story that was originally presented in Superman #335, a 1950s era story illustrated by Wayne Boring, and the story from World of Krypton #1.

I like collecting these foreign editions, especially when they’re cheap and have different or altered cover art. While both covers have the same basic motif of the Daily Planet building transformed into newspapers, the original U.S. cover to Superman #335 is more violent, with Superman reeling as Mxy hits him with a ray blast and screams at him. The Dutch edition is more subdued and features a nice watercolor sky and a completely different Superman logo. It also inexplicably shows the papers parting slightly to reveal a photo of Dutch kid wearing a Superman t-shirt holding a soccer ball.

Who is this kid and why is he sitting in the Daily Planet building with all of these soccer balls?

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