Mego 12″ Superman (Comic Head Version)

If you are a U.S. collector, when you think of 12″ Mego Superman, you probably think of what’s known as the Movie version, distributed in the United States and featuring a more muscular chest and a different headsculpt. However, this version of Mego Superman, popularly known as the comic head, precedes the United States version and was sold in Canada, the U.K., France, and Italy. I have a few of the package variants pictured below.

This earlier version box, dated 1977, features somewhat crudely traced artwork. This is a Harbert version sold in Italy, but rather than print a whole new box for overseas distribution, the manufacturer just put a Harbert sticker over a standard Parkdale box.

This second version box, dated 1979, features much nicer artwork. This Burbank Toys version was sold in the U.K.

Other known versions of the box are a Pedigree Toys (U.K.) version, and a recent Mego Museum discovery: a Pin Pin Toys comic version in the U.S. style illustrated box.

Here are some loose pics. I much prefer this version to the United States movie version, also known as the Reeve version even though it looks nothing like him. To me, the sculptor captures a lot of the charm and spirit of the 8″ Megos that’s missing from the movie version. The costume on this figure features a plastic emblem like on many of the later 8″ Megos (no lost emblem sticker!), removable plastic boots, and a nylon cape that frays like crazy as you can see from my pictures.

In November, 2011, Hakes Americana and Collectibles offered an extremely rare 12″ Superman comic prototype from the collection of the president of Parkdale Novelty, Mego’s Canadian distributor.

Addition Information

As always, the foremost authority on Mego toys is The Mego Museum, and their 12″ Superman page has a lot of information, including comparison shots of the U.S. movie version and the international comic version.

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  1. I had this figure before getting the “movie” version. I think they just took the Mego 12″ Superman puppet/marionette and made a regular figure out of it. The head is not in scale with the body.

    • Sorry, I really don’t know the current value of that item. I’d check eBay’s closed auctions and the Mego Museum’s “Going Rate” section of their message boards.

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