Little Mates Superman Version 2

Back in early August, I made a post on the News page about Little Mates. To recap:

In 2010, Spanish company Silver Line S.A. released Little Mates, a line of figurines of DC Superheroes characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more. These superdeformed PVC figures stand about 2″ tall. Version 1 was sold in little colorful boxes (eBay link to Superman auction) and Version 2 were sold in newer clear plastic boxes with a base (eBay auction). According to the company’s web site, they hope to expand to other licensed goods in this style, and have released mugs and plush.

Unfortunately, they’re only available in Europe and Australia… I haven’t seen them for sale in the U.S., but they’re on eBay.

Pictured below is the version 2 Superman I picked up on eBay from a Hong Kong-based seller named 194toy, who is offering a loose, individually cello-bagged set of nine different Little Mates for the low price of $22.98 shipped. Though the web site shows Robin, Aquaman, and Flash, I don’t think Robin and Aquaman were manufactured.

One thought on “Little Mates Superman Version 2

  1. I am looking for Version 1 of the Little Mates. Frankly, I don’t think version 2 is as good quality crafting as ver. 1. The detail is definitely not as good. Anyway, would appreciate a link to some Version 1 Little Mates and with boxes. I am particularly interested in Joker and Harley Quinn. Have seen some on eBay but am hesitant as to whether they are Version 1 or 2. Any picture can be used to show what is for sale. And some sellers may not be aware of difference.
    FYI: I believe Version 1 came in paper box and Version 2 came in clear plastic box with the figures on a stand.

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