Schylling Superman Classic Carousel

Released in 2001 by Schylling, this Superman Classic Carousel toy is often mistaken for a vintage toy, but it’s not. It comes in a colorfully illustrated box with classic comic art from Wayne Boring, the leading Superman artist of the 1950s.

The toy itself is designed to evoke simple classic tin toys; it’s made of tin in the shape of the Daily Planet, but the figures of Superman and Supergirl, and their pets Krypto and Streaky, are made of plastic.

The toy has a spinning action that makes the figures “fly” around the Daily Planet building. Just pull the crank and it spins pretty fast. Here’s a pretty crappy video:

2 thoughts on “Schylling Superman Classic Carousel

  1. I have this thing, but never took it out of the box. It’s a little awkward to display. I’ve contemplated selling it, but it is nice…. Hmmm….

  2. I think it looks great to display, unless you’re worried about wiseass visitors pulling the lever to make it spin and knock over all your figures.

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