Collecting Superman Promo Card: Syroco Superman

Collecting Superman is proud to announce the upcoming release of the first Collecting Superman promo card featuring the brown and red version of Syroco Superman I covered here. The card features large images of a Syroco Superman, plus a very brief history and information about the statue on the back. These cards are not for sale; they are a free giveaway designed to promote the Collecting Superman web site to collectors and to help people learn more about Superman merchandise. They’re also super-thick, so they’ll sound great in your bicycle spokes. Brbrbrbrbrbrbr!

Barring any printing mishaps, they’ll make their debut sometime next week on the counter of my pal’s comic book store Comix Connection in York and Mechanicsburg. I’ll be dropping a pile on the flier table at the big toy show at the York Expo Center on Sunday, November 25. Make sure to grab one before some jerk steals them all and puts them up on eBay.

I should note, too, that if I see you selling them on eBay, you will be barred from receiving any future cards from me.

For a limited time (basically, until I get sick of paying for postage), I’ll even mail one to you if you ask nicely and give me your address. In return, it’d be super nice if you “Like” Collecting Superman on Facebook or shared one of my posts with your nerd friends, but I’m not going to beg. Sorry, this offer has expired!

Will there be more cards? Mmmmmmaybe.

Credit Where Credit’s Due Department: Mego Museum was a pioneer in toy collecting promo trading cards, thanks to Brian Heiler (who is now making great promo cards for his site Plaid Stallions) and Museum founder and card designer/illustrator Scott Adams. I’ll get around to doing a feature on the Museum’s Superman-related cards eventually, but here’s a checklist of the cards they’ve produced, and here’s a post with some of the background behind their development.

16 thoughts on “Collecting Superman Promo Card: Syroco Superman

  1. I would truly like a couple of these to share with my son’s Cub Scout troop.
    I would be willing to pay for the extra postage. Do you have a PayPal acct ?
    Or I can just mail you a SASE with extra postage on it. Either way, let me know
    and I’ll get the ball rolling on your most generous offer.

    Fred S.

    PS: Where are you located. The States or the UK ?

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