Superman Brand Butong Pakuan Pack

This is a pack of Superman Brand Butong Pakuan (or butong pakwan). I don’t know a whole lot about it, unfortunately. I bought it years ago on eBay and it was listed as a seed packet from Thailand, but it’s actually a Filipino product made in China. The pack is about 3-1/8″ square including the flap, and is printed in color on both sides. It certainly appears old (1950s or 1960s). It’s printed on two sides with very colorful graphics and a delightfully off-model Superman drawing on the reverse, and the only text I can read is the “439 Sta. Cristo Manila” and the weight of 20 grams net. I did a Google search for “Butong Pakwan” and it’s means dried watermelon seeds in Tagalog. Dried watermelon seeds are a snack similar to sunflower seeds.

I posted this question to Ask Metafilter and the user applesurf kindly provided me with the following translations:

White text in red banner: Quantai Seeds Factory.
Second line (under the banner): Xuzhou Seeds (Xuzhou is a city in China).
Bottom right text in red ink: Printed by Xinxin, Hong Kong.

Characters on the left are the same as the right (address) in Chinese characters.
The four characters around the Superman drawing: Registered trademark.

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