Kohner Bros. Superman Tricky Trapeze

This Superman Tricky Trapeze action toy was released by Kohner Brothers, Inc. in 1966. The original Kohner Brothers, Paul and Frank Kohner, were the third generation to run family wood products business founded in 1874 in Austria-Hungary. When they took the company over, it manufactured wooden toys, though it later transitioned to injection-molded plastic in the 1950s. Among the early products sold under the Kohner Brothers name were push-button puppets, simple but ingeniously engineered puppets made of stringed parts whose design they licensed from Swiss inventor Marty Meinard. Pushing a button at the bottom of the base created slack in the tight internal string, allowing for control of the puppet. Push-button puppets (also known as push puppets) were manufactured with a number of popular licenses, including Howdy Doody, Batman and Robin, and Superman.

This Tricky Trapeze Superman stands about 5-1/2″ tall and features a small 2-3/4″ figure of Superman on a trapeze. Pressing the buttons on the base triggers an internal string mechanism that swings the figure around on the trapeze. The Superman figure is pretty basic with very little detailing and a very simplistic off-model S emblem on his chest. The base has the original foil sticker with the operating instructions, as well as Kohner Bros., Inc. information and the copyright date of 1966. The back features an original price tag from Brodsky’s, a toy store in Rhode Island.

Additional Information

A history of Kohner Bros. Toys by founding brother Frank Kohner

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