HYP Superman Crew Socks Two-Pack

It’s Christmas shopping season… the time of year where department stores load up on gift products that they ordinarily wouldn’t stock during the rest of the year. Lots of these gift items are licensed, featuring popular characters from cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Superman’s popular enough to be included in the Christmas gift rush. I found this two-pack of Superman crew socks at Target a few weeks ago. Usually, I wait until after Target’s massive post-Christmas clearance sales to buy this kind of item, but I liked the Superman socks well enough to pay the full price this time.

This two-pack, released by a company named HYP, features two different Superman designs: one pair with a Superman drawing on them patterned after classic licensing art by José Luis García-López, and the other pair with stepped and repeated Superman emblems. I was pleased that, in 2012, there are still some licensed Superman products that don’t have the horrible New 52 Superman costume. The box has both Superman and Batman licensing art on it; the same box is used for Batman socks, too.

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