Zhuai Mao Superman Vinyl Dashboard Figure

The world’s most smugly cat

This is one of those cheap little eBay finds that I love. It’s a Zhuai Mao vinyl figure wearing a Superman-like outfit. I know nothing about Zhuai Mao, but my guess it’s one of those characters like Hello Kitty created for the sole purpose of selling merchandise. It stands about 3-3/8″ tall and comes in an illustrated window box with various slogans in English that is slightly off, like “Be Wild. By My Self” and “The world’s most smugly cat.” (Does that mean the cat is smug or snuggly? Or both?) The back notes that the name of the toy company is Mancai Culture Spread Co., Ltd., which is really catchy. Designed by Kenny Liao, this character is available in a number of different paint decorations. This one looks like Superman, but there’s also a Batman, Spider-man, Wolverine, and even non-superhero characters like Garfield and Mickey Mouse. This figure was listed as a “glue doll,” meaning you are supposed to use the double-faced tape that comes with it to stick it to your dashboard. I won’t be doing that.

Additional information

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Seller I bought mine from

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