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Last month, I posted about the Toy Biz DC Superheroes Lex Luthor. In 1989, Toy Biz got the license to produce DC superhero action figures, including Batman Movie figures, for a brief time, and pictured below is the Superman figure from that series. Toy Biz used the same mold as the Kenner Super Powers Superman figure released in 1984, yet somehow, their figure looks a little bit crappier. Toy Biz also borrowed the yellow stars in a red stripe from the design of the Kenner Super Powers card design.

Unlike the Super Powers version of the figure, which included a power action feature where squeezing his legs together caused his arms to swing as if he’s punching, Toy Biz instead added an accessory: a “Kryptonite” ring. The ring has a magnet inside which reacts to the magnet within the Superman figure’s chest, so when you wave the Kryptonite near Superman, he topples over. It’s pretty clever for a cheap gimmick, but the photo on the back of the package exaggerates the effect to the point where Superman looks like he needs a fix. The text on the back also claims that Kryptonite has a magic effect on Superman, when everyone knows it’s SCIENCE.



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