Hallmark 1993 Superman Keepsake Christmas Ornament


Christmas is a little over a week away, so I thought I’d feature the first Hallmark Superman Keepsake christmas ornament.

Hallmark began selling Christmas ornaments in 1973; their earliest offerings were decorated Christmas balls and figures made of yarn. Their first licensed character ornament was a Christmas ball with Raggedy Ann and Andy released in 1974. In 1975, they released their first sculpted figural ornaments. Since then, they’ve made over 3000 different holiday ornaments with a wide variety of licensed characters and themes, including popular movies, television, book, and cartoon characters, as well as traditional classics like Santa, angels, animals, and more. All of Hallmark’s ornament designs are offered for one season, though some are part of continuing series that are offered every year.

Released in 1993, this is the first of fourteen different Superman-related ornaments Hallmark has sold as of 2012. Though he isn’t credited on the package, Hallmark sculptor Robert Chad created this Superman figure, according to the amazing Hooked on Ornaments web site. Superman measures about 6-1/2″ long from his fist to his foot, and is sculpted in a dynamic flying pose. Its original sale price was $12.75.







Additional Information

The site Hooked on Ornaments has a complete listing of Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments over their 40 year history, and many of them are for sale.

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