Stani S.A.I.C. Chicle Globo Tatuaje (Bubble Gum Tattoo) Super Heroes


Here’s something you don’t see on eBay every day… it’s a Chicle Globo Tatuaje (bubble gum tattoo) from Stani S.A.I.C.’s Super Heroes line. Stani issued these tattoos with the DC Comics superheroes in the early 1980s, but I’m not sure of the date; the eBay seller described it as being from 1982, but there’s an auction of over 50 of these on the Argentine auction site Mercado Libre that dates them to 1984.

The wrapper measures 2″ wide by 3-1/2″ high (business card size). The art and typography are really nice, with a retro 60s vibe, but it’s interesting to note that Wonder Woman seems to be topless here. Darn those instructions! Also, the gum was banana flavored.


The back of the package features the tattoo, which is applied by getting your hand wet and rubbing the tattoo on it. There are at least 50 different tattoos in this series. This one features our hero Superman.


Here are some examples of the other wrappers that were available in this series. Two of them feature Superman. If you have any of the Superman versions for sale, please contact me!

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