Vandor Superman Cookie Jar

This is a limited edition Superman cookie jar made by Vandor, a giftware/housewares company the specializes in products with pop culture licenses. Vandor issued this in 2008 or 2009, I believe, though the box and cookie jar are undated. The box back shows pictures of the Superman jar and a Wonder Woman they released at the same time. It also notes that it was sculpted by Roger Sun.



This ceramic jar stands about 11″ tall and is very brightly painted. The red is almost neon and is really impressive. The style in which Superman is portrayed reminds me of the work of famed DC artist José Luis García-López, who did a lot of DC’s licensing style guide artwork. The only weird thing about this is the way the hairline was feathered… it looks kind of odd, but otherwise, this is one of the better Superman cookie jars available.






This was a limited edition of 3600, and these are hand-numbered on the bottom. I got one of the last ones… #3591.


This jar also came with a small registration certificate that you were to complete and mail back to Vandor. They accidentally gave me the Wonder Woman one instead of Superman!


My super-talented artist brother Chris gave this to me for Christmas a few years ago, so thanks, Chris! I finally opened it!

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