Pepsi Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album


This Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album was released by Pepsi in 1977. The album, based on a previous commercial version of similar stamps issued in 1976, was a promo giveaway for Pepsi made by a company called Celebrity Stamps, Inc. Here is a Hake’s Americana and Collectibles auction listing for the commercial set of DC superheroes; Celebrity Stamps also made a Marvel set. With this promotion, buying Pepsi allowed you to get a different bonus set of stamps with DC Comics superheroes each week, and by collecting all five weeks and affixing the Pepsi stamp on each stamp sheet to the foldout on the inside back cover of the album, you could turn the card in for a free Pepsi and a free embossed stamp of Superman.

The album is is 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half a letter sized sheet of paper) and 16 pages including the cover. It has heavy card stock covers printed in full color, but the interiors are all black and white. Five of the interior spreads feature each different character plus places to paste your stamps. The additional pages have some superhero pin-ups, plus the instructions for the promotion.





The inside back cover, shown above, has a foldout on which to paste your Pepsi stamps. Note the error on number 1 of the instructions where it refers to Bugs Bunny stamps instead of DC superhero ones.

The stamps themselves were printed in color on cheap perforated sheets with gummed adhesive on the back… similar in weight to S&H Green Stamps which were popular at the time. Each week had a different character theme and featured some nice 70s artwork.


Week 1 was Superman, though for some reason, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson snuck their way onto his sheet.


Weeks 2 and 3 were Shazam/Captain Marvel and Batman. Interesting that Batman was #3, but at that point, Captain Marvel had a recent popular Saturday morning kid’s show. I like the stamp with Mary Marvel riding the giant butterfly.


Weeks 4 and 5 were the Justice League of America and Wonder Woman.


This is the last stamp that you would get if you turned in a full Pepsi stamp card with all five weeks worth of stamps.


I bought this complete set from an eBay seller, but it doesn’t appear, based on the unused condition of the stamps, that the owner actually bought the Pepsi to get the stamps or ever redeemed the card. I’d speculate that it was a leftover after the promotion ended, or possibly a sample.

2 thoughts on “Pepsi Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album

  1. Those are really neat. It is odd that Bruce and Dick and Robin horn in on Superman’s page. No Lois, Jimmy, even Lex Luthor?!?

    Lots of great pick-up art there. Some of the new stuff looks to me like Mike Grell with maybe Dick Giordano inks? And the cover looks to be by Joe Giella, or at least inked by him (he is known for his heavy-handed inking style).


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