Superman Creamy Peanut Butter Jar


From the shelves of Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg comes this great Superman Peanut Butter jar. Dated 1981, it was made by a company called Sunnyland Refining Co. Inc., which is currently owned by Ventura Foods, LLC, the same company that manufactures shortenings, oils, and salad dressings and markets the brands Smart Balance, Marie’s dressings, and Dean’s Dips.


I don’t know the artist of the label drawing, unfortunately.

There is at least one later version of Superman peanut butter packaging featuring a plastic jar, blue lid, and different artwork.

Thanks, Bill!

One thought on “Superman Creamy Peanut Butter Jar

  1. This is how I remember Superman Peanut Butter. I believe this is the first jar design. I still have a yellow lid from this version.

    The art looks to have Dick Giordano inks. Maybe Ross Andru did the penciling chores? Or maybe it’s all Giordano? Kind of hard to tell.


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