Collecting Superman Promo Card: Aladdin Industries Superman Lunch Box



I’m proud to announce the second Collecting Superman promo card. Like the first card in the series, which featured Syroco Superman, this one has another favorite Superman collectible: the 1970s Aladdin Industries Superman lunch box with images from Superman The Movie. The back contains a brief description of the lunch box as well as info about its manufacturer.

What’s the catch? I don’t actually have them… it’s a show exclusive that will be available free for the first 1000 attendees of the American Music & Pop Culture Expo coming up in March in Hershey, PA. If there are any left over (and I’m not counting on it the way the show is being promoted), I may have some to give away to site regulars, and I’ll be sure to post on Facebook if I have any available, which would be sometime in early April.

Believe me, I know exclusives aren’t particularly popular with collectors, but part of the reason I wanted to do this was to promote the site to new people. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure after I released the first that I’d be doing a second. The first card resulted in higher traffic for the site temporarily, but most of the traffic was just requests for free cards, one of which ended up on eBay much to my annoyance. Unfortunately, not many of the people who asked for cards actually stuck around to keep visiting the site or comment, though if you did, THANK YOU! I’m just on the fence about doing more. They’re cheap enough to print, but the postage kills it, which makes giving them away in person a better proposition.

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