DC Universe Squatz Superman


In 2010, Wild Planet Enterprises released a DC Universe Squatz line with popular DC superheroes. What are Squatz? They’re small, about 1-1/2″ high, squat little plastic figures shaped like a fat bowling pin. The gimmick here is that Squatz are encased in a chalky substance, so to get to the figure, you have to unwrap the Squatz from its plastic wrap, then drop it in warm water. The outer shell dissolves and you get to keep the little toy inside. They come two to a pack; one is known and the other is a surprise.


The back of the pack shows the heroes and villains that are available and the surprise figures. The package design is pretty clever, but I didn’t really notice why until I was putting the photos together for this post. The package is shaped like a Squatz figure. They even put the UPC in a Squatz-shaped silhouette.

I was hoping to get Lex Luthor as my surprise. I dropped both chalky lumps into water and here’s what came out…


Superman is kind of goofy looking. He’s decent, and at least he has the red shorts (these are pre-New 52 foolishness), but he’s slightly off-model with the yellow border at the top of his boots. The paint’s kind of sloppy on him, too.





Unfortunately, the surprise figure wasn’t Lex Luthor, but Wonder Woman. Not the most flattering likeness of either of the characters, but they have some goofy charm at least. I don’t think they’re worth the full price, because these are basically gumball machine prize quality. I picked mine up at Ollie’s on post-Christmas clearance at a discount.

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