DC Superheroes Justice League Unlimited Doomsday 6-pack


Justice League Unlimited is a line of DC Comics action figures based on the popular animated series of the same name. Though the show ran for only five seasons, the toy line it spawned ten years worth of figure releases beginning in 2003 through 2012; over one hundred popular and not-so-popular DC Comics characters have been created, many of which had never been available in action figure form. Part of the reason for its longevity was that the animated style the figures were sculpted in, popularized by Batman The Animated Series and Superman The Animated Series, made it possible to create a new characters by reusing existing molds and applying different paint decoration. Mattel offered JLU figures packaged as singles, three-packs, and larger box sets in a number of different styles of packaging. As the line wound down, it became a Target exclusive, but the final releases are only available through Mattel’s collector store Matty Collector.

This six-pack was the first one offered in the Justice League Unlimited series and was available exclusively through Target stores in 2006. Target originally sold this for $19.99, which as a relative bargain as individual figures were $3.99 and $4.99 at the time. Thanks to their scorched earth clearance policies, I was able to pick this one up for only $3.98. This pack includes Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, plus Bizarro, Doomsday, and a clear version of Amazo.


The beauty of these six packs, like their three packs shown on the back of this package, was that they enabled Mattel to offer obscure second-tier characters who may not have sold as an individual figure but would sell when packed with more popular cornerstone heroes like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. These larger packs also allowed Mattel to sell larger scale figures like Doomsday who were too big to work as single-carded figures.

Through the life of Justice League Unlimited, there were at least a dozen different six-pack releases. The rarest of these is are the 2008 releases Legends of the League with Crimson Fox, Superman, Deadman, B’wana Beast, Commander Steel, and Vibe and Secret Society II with The Key, Batman, Silver Banshee, Shadow Thief, KGBeast, and Atomic Skull.

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