Justice League X Korejanai Superman Mini-Figure


These Justice League X Korejanai blind box figures are Japanese imports by Kotobukiya, in conjunction with designers Zarigani Works, and are available now at better comic shops. The style is based on Kore Ja Nai (“This is not it”) Robo, an ironic parody toy design of cheap robot toys crossed with an influence of urban/art vinyl. To put it more simply: it’s a deliberately “lame” toy meant to evoke those feelings you had when you were a kid and wanted a name brand toy and someone would get you the cheap knockoff that would make you throw a tantrum and scream “This is not it!” Well, except these are kind of cute and charming.

These mini-figures are about 2-1/2″ tall and are sold blind-boxed, meaning you don’t know what you get until you open it. Fortunately for me, the fine folks at my local comic shop Comix Connection had a Superman one open, and allowed me to buy it, then the very next one they opened for display was another variant of Superman.



The box is profusely illustrated in the Korejanai style and shows the other characters in the Justice League series: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern.


This plain version of Superman has very limited articulation only at the shoulders and comes with a black stand. I like that he’s wearing the classic costume with red shorts and not the lame New 52 uniform. The blocky head reminds me of the old Playskool Familiar Places blockheaded figures.




The cape has a yellow Superman emblem, and also hides the wheels that are on the back. I don’t really understand why there are wheels on the back, but the product listing on Kotobukiya’s online store says they are supposed to double as vehicles.


Each figure in the series is available in two paint variants: plain and metallic. Here’s a picture of the metallic one I got. Also included in each box is a trading card with a background scene on one side…


… and on the other side a picture and drawing of the toy.

These figures are great and the blocky style is just fun… though I wouldn’t want to spend $5.99 on a character I didn’t want.

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