Special Guest Submission: Superman #233 Foreign Variant Collection


I received an interesting email from comic book collector Tony Pomilla. Like me, he enjoys collecting foreign items, but he raises the difficulty a few notches by tracking down specific issue variants. Among the issue variants he collects is Superman #233, the first issue of classic Kryptonite Nevermore story with cover art by Neal Adams. (Previously discussed here.) Amazingly, Tony’s catalogued over 20 variants and reprints of this issue, including the United States versions. Here are some pictures:

The original U.S. version of Superman #233 from DC Comics

DC Millenium Edition Superman #233

Superman La Courbe du Temps (French) (They flipped the art for some reason on this one)

Superman Nembo Kid #3 (Italian)

Superman #137 Heritage (French for Belgium and Canada)

Superman #858 Novaro (Mexico)

Superman En Los Setentas (Mexico)

Superman Batman #8 (German)

Superman #233 Museum Edition Version 1 (German)

Superman #233 Museum Edition Version 2 (German)

Stålmannen #4 (Sweden)

Supermann #4 (Norway)

Superman Bi #72 (Brazil)

Superman #97 (Dutch)

Superman #2 (1978 series) (Japan) After Tony wrote me, I helped him spot these two Japanese variants he didn’t have on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Superman Special Edition (Japan)

Superman Supacomic #150 (Australia) (Note: This is one of the variants Tony is looking for… if you have it, please contact him.)

Superman Kryptonite Nevermore Note Pad (Japan)

This has to be one of the most complete collections of Superman #233 variants in the world… simply amazing. I like foreign comics, but to target one specific issue and come up with all of these versions is just impressive. Thanks so much for sharing, Tony!

If you have a Superman #233 variant not listed here, please contact Tony at solarcadet@gmail.com.

Superman #233 Variant Checklist


Title & Issue Number (if applicable) Country or Language
Superman #233 United States
Superman #233 Millenium Edition United States
Superman #5 Geant France
Superman La Courbe du Temps France
Superman Nembokid #3 Cenisio Italy
Superman #137 Heritage Belgium and Canada (French)
Superman #858 Novaro Mexico
Superman En Los Setentas Mexico
Superman Batman #8 Germany
Superman Museum Version 1 Germany
Superman Museum Version 2 Germany
Stålmannen #4 Semic Sweden
Supermann #4 Semic Norway
Teräsmies #4 Finland
Superman Bi #72 EBAL Brazil
Superman Classics #97 Dutch
Superman #2 1978 Series Japan
Supermann Special Edition Japan
Superman Supacomic #150 Australia

Books & Miscellaneous

Title Country or Language
Superman in the Seventies United States
Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore (DC Classics Library) United States
Superman Kryptonite Nevermore Note Pad Japan

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