Drake’s Superman The Movie Trading Card Shelf Talker


As part of the merchandising tie-ins and cross-promotion for Superman The Movie, Borden, then the maker of Drake’s Coffee Cakes, offered a series of 24 trading cards featuring images from the film in their family packs of cupcakes. Buy a box, get one card in the series, and try to collect all 24… you can see how a completist might end up having to buy tens of boxes of Drake’s just to get all the cards.

This item, known in the trade as a shelf talker, is a promotional store sign that hangs on a shelf below the product. It’s designed like a billboard to catch the eye of a shopper as they walk down the aisle of the grocery store and entice them to buy a product. The sign, which is about 15″ wide and 8″ high, is scored in the center so that it could be folded over the edge of the shelf, and has an adhesive back so that, when the last box of Drake’s is sold thanks to eager Superman fans, the sign stays put. This sign also has some die cut flaps and punch holes, which suggests to me that it may also have been usable on a wire rack.

Store displays, particularly grocery store displays which are frequently rotated and renewed, were typically used and then thrown away, so they can be very difficult to find.

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