Remco Powerized Superman Speeding Figure


In 1978, Remco released its first Energized Superhero: Spider-man. Though Mego had the license to produce action figures, Remco got around it by creating these 12″ high plastic figures with no articulation, but battery operated electronic features such as lights and motors. Thanks to a marketing campaign including this exciting commercial that showed of Spidey’s electronic features, the figure was a success, spawning further Marvel and DC characters like Green Goblin, Hulk, Batman, and Superman.

In 1980, likely spawned by the ongoing trend toward smaller action figures, Remco offered Powerized Superheroes, which were smaller, 9″ versions of the Energized line. One of the DC heroes in the line was this Superman Speeding figure, whose electronic features include light up eyes and “flying” by zipping along a string, which could also be worn around your finger. He also comes with a glow-in-the-dark chunk of Kryptonite, which appears to have burned part of the front of the box. (No, that’s really a litho tear. 🙁 )


Fun Facts Remco was purchased by Azrak-Hamway International (AHI) in 1974, and by Jakks Pacific in 1997.

Additional Information

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Plaid Stallions’ 1980 Remco catalog page showing Powerized Superman and Batman

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