Justice League Superman Crazy Foam 2001


As previously discussed on Collecting Superman, Crazy Foam, an aerosol soap designed for kids to play with at bathtime, was initially offered in the 1960s by American Aerosol Corporation. In the 1970s, American Aerosol released a series of licensed superhero versions of their product featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, as well as Marvel characters. In 2001, another company named Natural Science Industries Limited offered Justice League versions based on the designs of the then fledgling Justice League animated series. Included in that line was Superman, who is pictured here.

This version of Superman differs from the previous in several ways. Most notable: instead of a generic hard, brittle plastic cap with a printed design, this version of Crazy Foam features a molded version of softer vinyl and shaped like each individual character’s head. This version also uses foam that is colored light blue. The can has a design of Superman’s body in Justice League animated style, too.




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