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As part of the merchandising blitz for 2006’s Bryan Singer film Superman Returns, The Quaker Oats Company obtained the Superman Returns license and offered a number of different Superman Returns-related food products including breakfast cereal. Superman Crunch is one of the Superman Returns products sold in grocery aisles that summer. Superman Crunch is basically Captain Crunch with two twists: the “berries” are shaped like the outline of Superman’s emblem and they also turn milk blue. Delicious and fun!


This is the U.S. version. The illustration on the front shows the Brandon Routh version of Superman punching a red meteorite that shatters into little shield-shaped pieces and land in Captain Crunch’s cereal bowl. At least we know it’s not a red kryptonite meteor because Superman doesn’t have an ant head. I like the claim in the corner “25% less sugar” without saying what it is they are comparing. Maybe it’s “25% less sugar” than a box of sugar. The left panel of the box is cross-promotion for other products including Superman Life, granola bars with Superman chocolate chips (huh?), and Pasta Roni with S-shield shapes.


The back has a Superman game with photos from the movie and a plug for the instant win game they had at the time. (I didn’t win!)


My friend Brian from Plaid Stallions gave this to me at Mego Meet. Thanks, Brian! It’s the Canadian version of Superman Captain Crunch with bilingual French/English text. It’s interesting that the box art varies slightly; while they do have to adjust for the additional French text, there are some stylistic differences in the illustration of Captain Crunch. It appears that this one doesn’t have the color change, either. The box side panels are different, too. They don’t have the cross promotion for other Superman food products; instead, they just have the nutrition info with English on one side and French on the other.


The box back differs slightly, too. There’s a lot more text (one of the things I hate when I design bilingual packaging for my clients), and they don’t have the contest information like the U.S. version.


My friend Scott, the founder of the Mego Museum, gave me this amazing present: a photographic model for a box of Superman Crunch. Thanks, Scott! This sample box would have been used for product photography for advertising and commercials. As you can see in the comparison shot at the top of this page, there are some pretty major differences between this and the finished product. Most notably, it’s about 30% larger than the regular cereal box and shows greater emphasis on the cereal bowl on the front of the package. It’s also missing some of the additional clutter of the standard box design, including the small text with the weight, the kosher symbol, and the cross-promotion.


The back is the same as the front, too.

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