10 Somewhat Random Silver Age Action Comics Cover Scans

I haven’t been posting about comics too much because I’m really not into recapping or reviewing a story. I like covers a lot, though, particularly beautiful Curt Swan silver age ones, so here are a few from Action Comics published by DC in the 1960s.


Action Comics #263, first appearance of Bizarro World. The only question I have is that wouldn’t being guilty be a good thing on Bizarro World?


Action Comics #286, yet another Superman on trial cover. Who can blame DC when it’s such a great cover layout?


Action Comics #289, first appearance of Luma Lynai. “I’m so happy for Superman, but strange how the woman he is finally going to wed looks exactly as I will when I grow up!” That’s not strange… it’s kind of gross.


Action Comics #309, a fantastic silver age cover by the master Curt Swan. Love everything about this one, including the great lettering from the famed DC designer Ira Schnapp.


Action Comics #317. Love the color motif of the cover here.


Action Comics #324. I saw Supergirl with devil horns and had to buy this comic immediately. It’s a rule.


Action Comics #328. OOOPS!


Action Comics #337. Go go checks!

I like the idea of Superman taking a limo to every crime scene. Or is it his commentary on Batman?


Action Comics #350. Another great Curt Swan cover, but you can see the beginning of the transition to more dynamic and dimensional compositions for the covers with this one, as Marvel’s design influence was growing in the comics marketplace.

4 thoughts on “10 Somewhat Random Silver Age Action Comics Cover Scans

  1. Yeah, Supes having the hots for a lady who looks like his young cousin is all kinds of icky.

    Love me some Swan Superman. I have the horned Supergirl and Rags to Riches stories in some of the old DC digests. Man, I loved those things.


  2. I need to find out more about DC’s Electro, but he’s not even on the DC wiki. He’s the guy that looks like a weird alien skeleton, but he’s barely in the story (which is reprinted in Showcase Presents Superman Volume 3 if you want to read it cheaply). He predates Marvel’s Electro by almost two years.

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