Modern Age Superman “In A Single Bound” Statue by Hallmark


This Modern Age Superman statue was released in 1996 by Hallmark as part of their DC Super Heroes statue series. The series also included a Golden Age style Superman, as well as Golden Age and modern versions of Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.


The box is similar to the Golden Age version with the cliche “Bang Biff Pow!” sound effects in the background. It’s interesting to note that the box makes no mention that this is a limited edition. I guess the Golden Age one was, but this wasn’t, but I also would suspect that their production numbers were similar.


This version of Superman has a smaller scale figure than the super-nice Golden Age version they did, but it also has a great Daily Planet base. The costume has a little oddness around the neckline where there’s a notch or something at center right where his collar bones meet. I don’t think that’s on-model.



Hallmark economized a bit by flattening the Daily Planet building at the side. The effect is a little strange when viewed off-angle; it looks like Superman is jumping over the Daily Lozenge. However, it does look pretty nice from the front.


It’s a well sculpted looking statue with a great, dynamic Superman flying pose, but that stupid mullet ruins what would otherwise be a classic Superman collectible.

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