Collecting Superman Mego Museum Superman Promo Card Promo Card


Collecting Superman is excited to announce the third in our series of promo cards featuring popular Superman collectibles: the Collecting Superman Mego Museum Superman promo card promo card. That’s right; to our knowledge, it’s the world’s first promo card promo card!


Mego Museum was a pioneer in toy collecting promo trading cards, thanks to Brian Heiler and Museum founder and card designer/illustrator Scott Adams. The front of the Collecting Superman Mego Museum promo card promo card shows the front Museum’s Superman card, which was the second in the series.

Scott’s creative card designs, dynamic poses of real Mego action figures and creative background illustrations really capture the spirit of Mego fun and bring the figures to life, and they’ve become popular collectibles themselves.


The back of the promo card promo card briefly describes the history of Mego Museum promo cards, and also has an image of the back of the Mego Museum Superman promo card.

I’ll only have a few of these available to give away, so to get yours, please click here and include your mailing address. It’d be really swell if, in return, you’d “Like” Collecting Superman on Facebook, or share one of my posts with your nerd friends. I’ll post a notice on the page when the Collecting Superman Mego Museum promo card promo card is no longer available.

I should note, too, that if I see you selling them on eBay, you will be barred from receiving any future cards from me.

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  1. A promo card of a promo card….. I like it! I was lucky enough to get one of the first printed run of this now very hard to find Superman promo card from the good people at the Mego Museum.

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