Kenner Super Powers Collection Clark Kent Mail-away Figure


A few weeks back, I covered Kenner’s Super Powers Superman here on Collecting Superman. Along with the regular release figures, Kenner offered a special figure only available through the mail.


Here are the details, as shown on a label applied to the front of a Super Powers Firestorm package: mail five proof-of-purchase seals from any Kenner Super Powers products and receive a free Clark Kent figure. Neat! (Sadly, for those of you collecting Super Powers figures, the offer expired on May 31, 1986.)


Here’s the back of the package which shows the first two series of Super Powers, plus four of the vehicles. The proof-of-purchase seal is the small blue circle with the General Mills logo at the bottom of the card in the middle.


10-12 weeks after mailing your proofs-of-purchase, you’d receive this plain white box in the mail with your Clark Kent Super Powers figure.


Clark stands about 4″ tall and features his iconic 70-80s blue suit, red and black striped tie and black shoes. Unlike another early Clark Kent figure, the Mego Secret Identity Clark Kent, he does not come with a hat, however.




This is a great classic figure, and still reasonably priced. If anything, this figure is evidence that modern collectibles don’t often make great investments; it’s been at about the same price for the past 15 years, and if anything, it might be cheaper than it was then.

One thought on “Kenner Super Powers Collection Clark Kent Mail-away Figure

  1. See where it says “Please 10-14 weeks”…THEY MEANT IT!!! My CK figure took EXACTLY 14 weeks to get to me. By the time I got it, Kenner had probably cancelled the line!

    I really loved it though, and fondly recall the promo commercial featuring Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen, which was on youtube, but is now gone for some reason…


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