L.W. Lee Mfg. Co. Hood / Bicycle Ornament


The most beautiful ornament ever made

(At least that’s what the box says.)

This cast metal Superman hood (or bicycle) ornament was made by the L.W. Lee Manufacturing Company in the mid-late 1940s, post World War II. I can only imagine how great one of these looked on the hood of a car of that era. I’d be afraid to use it now because it would surely be stolen in about five seconds. Anyway, these were offered in two sizes, a small 6″ long by 5-1/2″ tall one and a larger one that’s 10-1/2″ long by 8″ tall. The smaller version was available in silver and gold tone, while the larger was only available in silver. The base was a custom I had made from granite for display.







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  1. As a forty year collector of Superman and comic character collectibles, I love the site.

    We are offering some of the best examples from one of the finest collections. We will be doing more in the future.

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