DC Super Friends Lex Luthor


In 2007, Mattel unveiled its DC Super Friends line of DC superheroes figures targeted towards the younger set to try to hook them into the DC mythos early. The figures in this line stand about 6″ tall and are sculpted in a chunky bigfoot style with big, air-powered accessories.

This Lex Luthor was part of the first wave of DC Super Friends and was the only villain released in that initial set. Included with the figure is a gigantic Kryptonite blaster weapon; a large backpack with a giant gun. Lex is clad in his classic Superfriends purple and green costume.


The back of the card demonstrates how the Kryptonite Blaster weapon works with a series of wordless pictures, as well as showing some of the other figures in the line. As always, sold separately.


I’m a big fan of seeing Superman characters in non-traditional shapes and sizes, and this line is very nice in that regard. Maybe a little too friendly-looking; even the evil guy Lex doesn’t look mean, just kind of catatonic.

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  1. I always felt there was a big Ed McGuinnes influence in this line, and it was more prevalent in Lex’s design than just about any other character. Those big thick eyebrows and huge blue eyes look like his stuff, which was what DC was really pushing for Superman at the time.

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