Mego Elastic Superman Head Mold

Should I buy this?

I do a lot of internet browsing and spotted this unusual Superman toy mold for sale one night. There wasn’t much in the description but the date 1978 and its size 3-1/4″ high. My first thought, being 1970s, was that it might be something interesting. I wracked my brain trying to think of what it might be, including checking my 1970s Superman Marionette (too narrow a face), and my Mego 12″ Superman (too small), but didn’t have any luck figuring out what it could be. So I emailed my friend Brian who replied, “Get it get it get iiiiiittt!”

So I did.

And here are the pictures.

Turns out, it’s an original head mold from Mego’s Elastic Heroes line. Wow! As a longtime Mego collector, I never thought I’d own an original Mego mold. I have never heard of one turning up before.

After the success of Stretch Armstrong, Mego produced a similar line of stretch heroes, including Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, and Plastic Man. They also did Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Casper the Friendly Ghost, too. Toys from this line are EXTREMELY rare to find because they were unstable bags of corn syrup prone to burst; mint, boxed examples sell for thousands of dollars.

My buddy Brian also picked up the mold for Elastic Spider-man.

Additional Information

Mego Museum’s Elastic Heroes Gallery page
The Mego Elastic Heroes: A Collector’s Analysis from Hero Envy
The Mego Elastic 8 from Stretch Armstrong World

August 7, 2012 News Update

Richard, a/k/a TheBatmanProfessor on the Mego Museum, revealed that he owns a previously unidentified head mold he bought from the pages of Toy Shop about twenty years ago… Mego Elastic Batman.

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  1. I couldn’t, no. The material would have to be flexible enough that it could be pulled out of the mold. A typical hobbyist would be using two-part resin which cures into solid, hard plastic.

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