DC Direct Christopher Reeve as Superman Statue


This hand-painted porcelain statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman was released by DC Direct as a limited edition of 4000 in 2009. Sculpted by Karen Palinko, this statue stands about 12-1/4″ tall and includes an S-shield-shaped base.

The packaging is very similar in style to the later DC Direct Christopher Reeve bust release, with the front and back featuring product photos interspersed with classic Reeve photos from Superman: The Movie, all set against a background of the Fortress of Solitude.



The statue itself is nice. Reeve’s likeness is difficult to capture, and this one seems a little off somehow, but it’s not bad by any stretch. The pose is based on the famous Reeve photo of him dressed as Superman standing in front of the Metropolis/New York City skyline. (That photo is on the back of the box.)





The statue is hand numbered on the bottom and also comes with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.


I remember being very excited by this release when it was announced in 2008 (five years ago already?!), because it was the first time DC Direct had obtained Reeve’s likeness rights for a product. Though this statue isn’t perfect, it ultimately paved the way for other Reeve figures, including the amazing Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman.

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