Funko Pop Heroes Domo Superman


I don’t know how Funko does it, but they must have more licenses than any other toy company in the world, and have been cranking out hundreds of vinyls of various pop culture properties from movies, television, music, comics, and even sports. This newly released Funko Pop Heroes vinyl is part of a line of crossover figures of the popular character Domo-kun dressed as DC superheroes.

Domo-kun is a stop-motion animated mascot for NHK television in Japan, and first appeared in the late 1990s in short 30-second promo spots. Here are some of them:

Because of his strange, yet cute, appearance, he’s become internationally popular, spawning tons of merchandise and commercial crossovers, including this version of him dressed as Superman.

The box is really well-designed using Funko’s standard Pop Heroes format: big window, split drawing of character on the front, and pics of additional characters on the back.



The vinyl figure stands about 4″ high. Domo Superman is wearing the classic red shorts uniform, but the blue is a little bit darker, almost dark as the movie version. It’s a novel concept, but the paint is a little sloppy. I had to clean some spots up in Photoshop.





Overall, this is a recommended buy if you like strange variants of Superman. These are showing up in comic shops now, or you can grab it on eBay. I got mine for only $10.98 shipped from this seller.

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