1967 King Seeley Thermos Superman Lunch Box


King Seeley Thermos released this Superman lunch box in 1967; at that time, the DC superheroes had once again entered the popular consciousness thanks to the success of the 1966 Adam West Batman TV series. Episodes of George Reeves’ 1950s Adventures of Superman TV series were still popular in reruns, and there was also a Filmation Saturday morning cartoon called The New Adventures of Superman.

The lunch box features a number of Superman scenes with Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and various villains attacking him. I don’t know who the illustrator was, but the art style reminds me of Wayne Boring’s 50s work.







Fun Fact Thermos was originally a trademark for vacuum flasks sold by the Thermos company, but they lost it in the early 1960s because it was so popular it became a generic term. Other examples of genericized former trademarks include aspirin, linoleum, and zipper.

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