DC Universe Justice League Unlimited The Secret Society Six Pack


This is another great Justice League Unlimited six pack released by Mattel in 2008. This time it’s “The Secret Society,” a group of supervillains from the third season of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. The pack features three villains from the Secret Society (though I can’t remember if the Red Hood/Joker was actually a member… I’ll have to check Netflix), The Joker as Red Hood with a red vac-metallized helmet, the oversized Gorilla Grodd, and Lex Luthor and their three arch foes The Flash, Batman, and Superman.



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Article about Justice League Unlimited figures, plus a huge list organized by wave, on Wikipedia

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  1. By the time season 3 rolled around, all Batman characters BUT Batman himself were off limits to the JLU creators, due to “The Batman” series airing at the same time. Similarly, Aquaman was also off the table, due to his TV series in development. It’s why Black Manta was reinvented as “Devil Ray” who did get a JLU figure. Really stupid rule, huh?

    So Joker wasn’t in that season with the Secret Society/Legion of Doom…although he was in Justice League’s 1st season as a member of the Injustice Gang/League. But he was never the Red Hood in any DCAU incarnation! Flashbacks showed him as a “nameless gunsel” who fell into that vat of chemicals.


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