Electric Company Magazine, July 1984 issue with Supergirl cover


Just picked this up this past weekend at a local flea market… it’s an issue of Electric Company magazine from July, 1984 with a Supergirl cover. The theme of the issue is the Olympics and athletics. Because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the United States did not participate in the summer Games in Moscow in 1980. The 1984 Olympics, however, were held in Los Angeles, so Olympic excitement and hype were pretty big in the United States after that 8-year absence.

In keeping with the theme, the Supergirl article describes in simple terms what exercise routine Helen Slater used to get into shape to play the role of Supergirl: running, weightlifting, swimming, and trampoline.




In case you want to feel old: Helen Slater’s going to be 50 this year.

Additional information

Helen Slater’s official web site (WARNING! Autoplaying music is LOUD.)

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