Superman Masterpiece Edition Statue


In 1999, Chronicle Books released a boxed set called Superman Masterpiece Edition: The Golden Age of America’s First Super Hero. Chronicle also released Masterpiece sets featuring Batman and Wonder Woman; unfortunately, they weren’t huge sellers and ended up on the clearance/remainder table at a lot of stores. I remember seeing piles of these at Waldenbooks for $15. (That’s how I got mine!)

Included in the set is a hardcover book by Les Daniels featuring golden age Superman history, a reprint of Superman #1, and this approximately 8″ tall statue of Superman.

The statue, designed by Alex Ross, sculpted by Joe DeVito and colored by Chris Ware, portrays Superman in an early Golden Age style. He looks like he just stepped off the pages of an early Superman comic… actually, now that I look at it, he looks like the famous 1940 H.J. Ward painting of Superman, with maybe a bit of Fleischer Superman and Jack Burnley thrown in.

Don’t mistake this for a vintage piece, though. It’s 1990s era, and the complete boxed set including the book and comic reprint still available on Amazon for about $30. Well worth it, in my opinion.





Additional information

Joe DeVito’s web site features some pictures of an unpainted sculpt of this Superman statue.

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