Save the Day with the Justice League Target Ads


Superman fans that are disheartened over Wal-mart’s exclusive Man of Steel promotional efforts can take solace: Target and Warner Bros. Consumer Products are offering a summer collection of Justice League merchandise this year.

These Justice League items are starting to show up already in Target stores. The exclusive figure line, which appears to be patterned after their Brave and the Bold line, has been available for a month or two, and I’ve seen some of the plastic plastic dishes on an endcap in their seasonal aisles. What I’ve seen so far uses both the New 52 designs as well as the classic DC ones. Red shorts!

I also spotted this multi-page ad spread touting their Justice League products in the May 31, 2013 issue of Entertainment Weekly. It’s three full pages, plus three quarter page ads. Pretty spendy promotion until you realize EW is part of the Warner media empire.







2 thoughts on “Save the Day with the Justice League Target Ads

  1. We picked up a few beach items for our vacation this year, including that Invisible Plane inflatable floatee thing. My daughter got a set of make-your-own JL fuzzballs. That was a fun morning project.


    • I was pleased to see they weren’t strictly sticking to the New 52 designs… some of the drawings on the picnicware looked like Garcia-Lopez’s Super Powers-era licensing art. If I were a Batman guy, I’d be on that inflatable Batmobile. I haven’t seen the invisible jet yet.

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