Suzuki Vinyl Superman Figure from Japan


This is a very difficult to find Superman figure released by Suzuki Vinyl Co. Ltd. in Japan in 1979. The figure stands about 6″ high and is made of hollow vinyl with limited articulation.

Mine is in pretty rough shape (full disclosure: I Photoshopped a dirty spot off the nose) with severely cracked blister. Still, I can’t bring myself to free him from the package; where would I ever find a replacement?

The front of the package features what appears to be a Curt Swan drawing with a huge Kanji Superman logo, plus the famous “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” line in English. (Tip of the hat to Earth2Chris, who points out that the Superman drawing was also the one Andy Warhol swiped for one of his Superman paintings in the early 1980s.)


The back of the package looks like a simple board game with pictures of various Superman characters. It looks like they used the cover of Superman #300 for parts of it. Is that Perry White dressed as Blackhawk? Is that Lana Lang or Lois Lane? Hard to tell.


As junky looking as this thing is, it’s one of my favorites. It’s got everything I like: nice figure, bold design, and rare/exotic appeal.

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