Mattel Man of Steel Movie Masters General Zod in Kryptonian Armor and Faora


As we get closer to the release of Man of Steel on June 14, I’m going to focus my posts for the next two weeks on some of the new Superman products I’ve been finding on my trips to Target and Wal-mart.

On Friday, I got some try-on frames from Warby Parker and emailed my artistic genius brother Chris (a/k/a the best dressed man in York) to see if he could help me select the best ones. (No, I didn’t pick these Man of Steel frames. They aren’t available for home try-on.) He replied he was heading out to Wal-mart, so I rode along to look for any new Man of Steel stuff that may have popped up since I picked up Superman and Jor-El. I was surprised to find that Wal-mart restocked their long sold out Movie Masters with Wave 2, so I picked up General Zod with Kryptonian Armor and Faora. Woo!

As with other Movie Masters Mattel has released, these are highly detailed for adult collectors. It even says “Adult Collector” on the package, which is a little weird and almost defensive; it’s like they are trying to reassure grown up nerds that it’s okay to look at toys. Maybe defensive marketing is a thing now… Wal-mart is actually spending money on commercials to try to demonstrate that not all of their shoppers are creeps and Morlocks.

The sculpts are really great this time around. The Michael Shannon Zod in particular is impressive for such a small sculpt, even though my first reaction on seeing the detail photo was “Henry Rollins IS General Zod.” The more I look at it the better it looks. Faora’s head sculpt is pretty good, too, but I don’t know the actress (German actress Antje Traue) well enough to comment on the accuracy of her likeness. She appears to be the short-pack; I saw only one in what appeared to be a case that was stocked, so if you want one, snag it when you see it.

The armor on both of these is very well done. I love the helmet on Zod in particular.








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