Justice League Target Exclusive Superman and Lex Luthor


Continuing with the new Man of Steel and Superman products now in stores, here’s a pair of figures from Target’s exclusive Justice League line: Superman and Lex Luthor. They stand about 5″ or so tall and appear to be based loosely on the style of the Batman Brave and the Bold toy line. Unfortunately, Superman is in the lame New 52 style, but I broke my embargo of New 52 Superman figures just so I would have more than one to show here.


He’s not toooo bad. I like the basic design of the figure, but I still think this figure would be MUCH improved if they went with the classic design. See for yourself and compare, thanks to the magic of Photoshop:


The back of each card shows the figure as well as a few others in the line. The photos are misleading, because the figures in the photos look like they have metallic paint, but the actual figures do not, and Mattel has no plans to release metallic versions.

There’s weird lack of descriptive text on these packages, too. I don’t know if this line was rushed out, but usually the back has some basic copy, including identifying what the heck that accessory is supposed to be.


Lex is pretty nice; he’s shown in his classic green armor and comes with some kind of gun; again, there’s no text anywhere so I don’t know what the gun is supposed to be, but I’m assuming they’re Kryptonite weapons. He’s the only villain in the Justice League line.



There are other figures in Target’s Justice League line, too. Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern are available on individual cards, and there’s also a big Legacy of the Justice League 7 pack that includes the four hero figures plus Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman.

Also available in Target’s Justice League line are two different figure and motorcycle packs: one with Superman and the other with Batman.

Here’s a look at an ad page from Target’s circular last week.


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