AHI Superman Fly ‘Em High Parachutist and Launcher (plus Bootlegs)

Super sling-shot action!

From a strange bit of 1970s marketing comes the AHI Superman Fly ‘Em High Parachutist and Launcher. These parachute figures were great fun and very popular with kids in the 1970s, even though 99% of these toys ended up in the roof gutters. AHI made a number of different characters with different licensed properties, including some pretty unlikely ones in Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, and even Space 1999.

After AHI stopped making them, they started to appear in bootleg, unlicensed knockoff format, including the two versions on different variant cards shown below. You can kind of see how they got cheaper and cheaper as they went along… first they cut out the painting the head, then they got rid of the die cut on the package. Both of the bootleg packages are scored down the center, too.

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