Various 2013 Groceries with Man of Steel promotions


I really like the kind of Superman merchandise that really isn’t specifically created to be collected, but used and thrown out. Things like these groceries, which are now appearing on store shelves in conjunction with Man of Steel. While I prefer Superman-branded stuff like this Superman Peanut Butter or this Superman Crunch breakfast cereal, marketing tie-ins can make a trip to the grocery store a little more interesting, at least.

According to Ad Age, Warner Bros. has secured $160 million in Man of Steel promotional partnerships with a number of different companies, including Kellogg’s and their brands Keebler, Pringles, and Sunshine.

Here are a few of the products featuring Man of Steel promotions that are now on store shelves. Most of these have some common graphic elements (the bursting Superman emblem and virtually the same layout on the back). They are also promoting a themed contest where you can “win Superman’s powers” by entering a code from the inside of these Man of Steel packages. (That’s assuming you can find the code… two of the packages I opened didn’t have one.) I’m going to have to try that! More details about the contest are available here.

There’s also a smartphone app that allows you to “experience Superman’s powers” by scanning the icons on specially marked packages. If you get all three, you can unlock a special fourth power… is it Super Amnesia Kiss? I’ll save you the trouble of walking around the store looking for the three different powers here… Cheez-Its are Power 1: Heat Vision, Townhouse Crackers are Power 2: Power of Flight, and Pop Tarts are Power 3: Super Strength. (If you don’t want to run to the grocery store, these icons are also available in this handy PDF file from Kellogg’s web site. Thanks to jcon13 from Reddit for the tip.)










Overall, these are nice, but I’m a little disappointed so far. I haven’t seen any Man of Steel soda promotions or breakfast cereal promotions yet. I’m also hoping they do some Superman-branded items, especially breakfast cereal. Come on!

5 thoughts on “Various 2013 Groceries with Man of Steel promotions

  1. I didn’t know they had pop-tarts! I’ve got all the other brands listed here. I do agree. They need soda or cereal. I at least wanted to find an energy drink, but I’ve only seen them overseas.

    • Yeah, there’s a German one I just saw in a flier from Lidl today. I wish Monster would do something! I think Coke may have a Man of Steel license of some kind but I haven’t seen anything yet.

  2. I’ve been looking for the pizza, but I haven’t found any yet for some reason. Checked 3 different Wal-Marts. I also think that the Gillette Shave and the Energizer batteries should have \S/ logo on them. Would totally buy a pack.

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