1979 Superman: The Movie Trading Cards from Holland


Here’s a series of Superman: The Movie trading cards from the Netherlands. I would date these around 1979. The pack is more like a light wax envelope than a traditional wrapper like we get in the U.S. You can open and remove the cards without ruining the wrapper. There are three cards inside each pack and they’re only printed on one side, with no text or company information anywhere. The three cards aren’t actually cut into separate pieces, but perforated and folded accordion style, so you have to break them apart. They are significantly smaller than U.S. cards, too. I measured them at about 1-7/8″ wide x 2-11/16″ high. I don’t have a complete set so I don’t know the exact number of cards in the series, but the highest number I have is 64.

Edited to add: J\/\/ from J\/\/’s Wrestling Memorabilia has identified the probable publisher as Monty Gum, a Holland-based company who made similar perforated cards of professional wrestlers. An eBay search for “Monty Gum” turned up a number of different 1970s releases from the company, and Superman fits right in.

What’s weird about the series is some of the choices of images. #25 is a card of the woman in the red dress passed out in the road, for example. And #44 is the back of someone’s head. Strange.

Not a lot of attention to detail with this set, either. I found multiple mistakes and I don’t even have half the set. Card #1 is Non, for some strange reason. There are multiple pictures that are printed backwards. Check out Superman’s emblem on card #s 16 and 64. The manufacturer also duplicated several images within the set. Card #2 has the same photo as #61, as do cards 1 and 57, 13 and 60, as well as 14 and 64. And look at card #15 and card #43. It’s the same photo, but they just rotated it to be horizontal and then flipped the negative so it’s backwards. Either no one noticed or they just didn’t care.

Still, it’s a neat set of Superman The Movie, and I can’t imagine there are a whole lot of these left in the world.












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