Man of Steel All Star Superman #1 Special Edition Giveaways


I picked up two more versions of All-Star Superman from DC this week. Both are promoting the release of Man of Steel.

First, comic shops are giving away this special edition of All-Star Superman #1 featuring an alternate Frank Quitely cover. There are ads throughout this one from Sears.


Also available in Sears stores is this version, with a different cover by an artist whose signature I can’t read, but who is pretty close to aping Quitely. This version features Superman wearing his Man of Steel costume and flying over what I’d presume is the downtown Smallville version of Sears. It’s bagged along with a coupon of some sort.



I’m not sure if either of these are still available in stores. I picked up the Sears version this past weekend when I saw a stack on a checkout counter and asked for one, but there weren’t any signs anywhere showing that it was out.

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  1. My wife is the children’s librarian at our local library, and she received copies of the Quitely version of this comic along with other Superman promotional items when she agreed to do a super hero program at the library. I think it was through Random House? They sent along new 52 “S” buttons, bookmarks and a few posters.


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