Fisher-Price Little People Superman/Green Lantern Two-Pack

These aren’t the Fisher Price Little People I remember.

When I was a kid, the Fisher Price Little People I played with were wooden with no limbs, their heads were perfectly round with some occasional plastic bits for hair or colors. Nowadays, because those older Little People were deemed a choking hazard, they’re totally different: molded plastic one piece bodies with little or no articulation.

Released in 2012, these two figures are available as a two pack only… the other packs in the assortment were Batman/Joker and Wonder Woman/Batgirl. They stand about 3″ tall. As usual, Superman gets the short shrift here, because there’s a Batcave playset, a Batmobile and even a very cool Wonder Woman invisible plane, but no Fortress of Solitude.

The Superman is a neat little figure with a pose reminiscent of the vintage 1970s Super Junior Superman vinyl. Note the depressing absence of red shorts; apparently, the new style guide demands adherence to Jim Lee’s New 52 design, though this must be transitional in that he still has the yellow belt and lacks the Mandarin collar.

Here’s an unboxing video I found on YouTube:

Protip: These guys are on clearance at Target as of this post (26 July 2012). They’re on final clearance at 70% off, so act fast!

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