Heroclix Man of Steel figures


Wizkids recently released a Man of Steel version of its famous Heroclix game, including several characters from the new Superman movie. Heroclix is a strategy game that uses collectible miniatures battling on a grid map. The miniatures are kind of interesting and there have been several series of DC Comics Heroclix containing Superman-related characters.

The clever thing is that, unless you are buying a boxed set, the figures are sold blind-packaged, so you don’t know what you are going to get when you buy a pack. Some of the figures are more rare than others, and those are theoretically more valuable… you can conceivably pull a miniature that sells for $10 or more on eBay, but you probably will get stuck with two Kryptonian scientists like my friend Karl, leaving you wondering why you even bothered.

The figures themselves are decent just because there’s a huge variety of different characters filling out these sets, but, in my opinion, they aren’t much better than gumball machine prizes. They’re detailed for a 2″ high figure. At $3 each, they aren’t a good toy value if you have no plans to play the game. I don’t play.

In any case, I bought a couple just to put up here.

There is a boxed version called a Marquee figure of Superman that is available in comic shops… you know what you are getting when you buy him, and he’s actually cheaper than one of the randomly packed figures. Here’s the box and the figure.



The box is decent, but compare the figure pictured on the box and what you get… pretty lame.


Here’s what the standard package looks like. These are sold at comic shops and places like Target… they’re sold in what’s called a gravity feed: a display carton with an open “shelf” at the bottom from which you grab your figure.



I got a Jor-El.


These are also sold in a starter set and a mini game.

I don’t think these are horrible by any stretch, but they aren’t worth $3+ each, either. This is the kind of thing that you are better off waiting a couple of years, because the value will plummet as Heroclix players move on to the new hotness of whatever latest edition there is.

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