New Superman figures from Fisher Price Imaginext


“Someone’s going to be happy when you get home tonight.”

Why, yes, I will be!

These are three new sets of Superman related figures and accessories from Fisher Price’s Imaginext line. Imaginext is a brand of small figures, vehicles, and playsets geared toward young children ages 3-8… many of them are generic, non-licensed characters like pirates and knights, Fisher Price also has the license to do DC Super Friends and has released most of the major players in the DC Universe, particularly Batman who, with all of his gadgets, is extremely marketable.

The beauty of Imaginext is that the figures are small and, as a result, Fisher Price can make a lot of really creative vehicles and playsets for them. They made a Planet Oa, The Joker’s Funhouse (a/k/a his Ha-Ha-hacienda), a Penguin Submarine, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, and even Black Manta’s Submarine with a shark.

The figures themselves are pretty simplistic and cartoony in design; for some, that might be a negative, but I think they’re pretty charming.

Thanks to the Superman movie this summer, Fisher Price has expanded its offerings of Superman-related Imaginext to include these figures, which are showing up in Walmarts as we speak. Some of these weren’t announced and I was shocked to find them on an endcap a day or two after they first showed up on eBay.


This is a variant Superman in a black and silver suit, along with a variant Lex Luthor with a green shirt. Lex includes an armored vest accessory.



Bizarro is just a Superman repaint and the vault uses the same mold as the one came with Two-Face.



This Lex Luthor armored suit includes a purple-shirted Lex straight from the classic 1970s Superfriends cartoon. His suit has a claw and also fires a Kryptonite projectile. Pretty cool.


There is also a larger playset with Superman and General Zod figures included. Target is also getting a Superman and Exoskeleton Suit playset that’s shown on their web site, but is not yet available in stores. Hopefully soon!

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  1. My daughter loves these, and is excited at the prospect of finding the new items. She is particularly excited about the Lex battle suit. She inherited her brothers’ Imaginext figures when he outgrew them, so she has a good chunk of the DCU in this format.


  2. Today I saw the Superman (new 52 style) with exoskeleton pack at TRU. Pictured on the back was the new Superman playset, new Batcave, Bizarro, Superman/Lex repaint pack, and Brainiac. The TRU only had the Superman playset, new Batcave, and the Superman exoskeleton. I have yet to have seen the Bizarro or Supes/Lex pack at my local Walmarts, Targets, or TRU. Happy hunting though!

  3. Here in Richmond VA these sets have been popping up like crazy!! Walmart has the 1)Bizarro set 2)Superman Prime / Lex Luthor 2pk and Lex w/ Battlesuit figures in abundance! In fact, there are so many Lex Battlesuits on the shelves they’ve already marked it for clearance!! Normally price is $15 but they are now selling him for $8. They also have tons of the Fortress of Solitude playsets.
    Toys R Us stores here are stocking the new Batcave, Fortress of Solitude, and the Superman Robot playset (repaint of the old police robot or Green Lantern Robot). On the back of that Superman Robot set there is a pic of Brainiac. he looks to be a single carded figure (like Bizarro) and has tentacles that snap onto his back. He looks just like Brainiac from Superan: TAS. Can’t wait to find this guy!!
    Also, be on the lookout for the following Target exclusives: 1)Black Manta w/ Stingray sub 2)JL Javelin w/ exclusive Batman figure 3)Wonder Woman repaint w/ Invisible Jet.

    This is such a fun toyline. I collect them for myself as well as for my 4 year old. He loves them!! (almost as much as I do…haha!).

  4. Is there an all-inclusive list of the Imaginext Batman/Superfriends line of toys somewhere? With so many exclusives (Walmart, TRU, Kohls, etc.), it’s hard to know what was ever made.

  5. Target now has Black Manta and Wonder Woman with invisible jet. A Target employee told me there is a display coming soon with the new figures. The back of the Manta Ray (which I got for my son) shows Green Arrow, Red Tornado/Cyborg, Gorilla Grodd, Superman/Darkseid, Green Lantern with an animal, Wonder Woman and jet, and Batman with Javelin.

  6. My local Target had all of the new items out, mixed in with Imaginext City figures and the Imaginext collector series 1 (think Lego minifig collector series-like). My son was excited for Darkseid (to me, looking underwhelming) and Gorilla Grodd and Red Tornado. No Brainiac. Happy hunting.

  7. Which Brainiac was on the package?  Are we getting a Legion of Doom Brainiac, a Super Powers Brainiac, a Justice League Unlimited Brainiac or a different style?

  8. Just came from Kohl’s and saw an exclusive 5 pack of figures called heroes & villains. Had brainiac, lex, wonder woman, superman and flash. Brainiac was unimpressive and had no tentacles as previously mentioned.

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