Superman: The Movie Metal Wastebasket


This is a Superman: The Movie waste can made by Cheinco and dated 1978. Cheinco began its history as J. Chein & Company. J. Chein & Company was a classic tin toy manufacturer which ran into difficulty in the mid-1960s because of safety regulations; the expense of converting their tin toys to plastic was cost prohibitive, so they diversified into the educational market by acquiring a company named Learning Aids Group, whose Renwal Plastics brand was the maker of the Visible Man/Woman/Dog series of model kits.

In the 1970s, they sold Renwal and returned to their roots in metal by releasing a number of lithographed sheet metal products including kitchen canisters and containers, as well as wastebaskets with licensed characters like The Dukes of Hazzard and this Superman wastecan.

This can stands about 12″ tall and features painted images of Superman. The design on the front looks an awful lot like the Superman: The Movie lunch box released by Aladdin, only the artist clearly was not as skillful. The back of the wastebasket is a painting of one of the scenes from the movie when the baby Kal-El lifts the Kents’ car to save Jonathan when the jack slips as he’s changing a tire. The inside also has a movie logo.

Mine still has the original price tag from Murphy’s of $2.17.




This is a really nice item for display and is still relatively inexpensive, but they’re tough to find in mint condition, because most people that bought them used them for trash.

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