Custom Christopher Reeve Superman 8″ Mego-style figure


The beauty of Mego collecting these days is that there is a large and vibrant community of customizers making parts that allow people like me without the time, patience, or ability to sculpt, cast, and sew to create custom Megos. Thanks to trailblazers like Dr. Mego, who not only cast rare parts that allowed collectors to replace missing impossible-to-find accessories like Green Goblin’s satchel or Green Arrow’s hat, but was the first to commission factory-made custom parts in China, it’s now possible for someone like me to take existing parts and make characters Mego never made.

A thread from the Custom Mego forum on the Mego Museum in which mikeoz showed off his awesome Christopher Reeve Mego custom back in May inspired me to try to put together my own using his formula.

The head was cast and painted by Mego Museum user BlackKnight. Thanks, Jason!

The body is from Zica Toys, and is sadly no longer available. Zica released a pair of highly detailed, high quality Buck Rogers figures two years ago; the easiest way to describe them would be to say they were as close to Hot Toys as any company has got in 8″ scale. For a brief time, Zica sold its bodies separately to Mego customizers. Zica’s body style is appealing because more muscular/superheroic and more poseable than a Mego. It also came with hands you could swap out easily.

Zica, in partnership with Castaway Toys, are currently working on a new male body style, the 40th Anniversary Type “S,” and have a Kickstarter to raise funds to get it off the ground. Zica’s also moved to the 3-3/4″ retro-style figure realm and their first license is The Six Million Dollar Man. The card art for The Six Million Dollar Man line is fantastic.

The suit and the cape are from the Mattel Retro-Action Superman, from their recent attempt at Mego-style figures of DC superheroes. (I’ll be featuring these in a future post, I’m sure, but here are some pics from the Mego Museum in the meantime.)

The boots are red hero boots from Dr. Mego. I didn’t cut the notches in the top, because I don’t think Mego would have.

The emblem was made by Laser Mego, who not only makes great pre-cut replacement emblems, but also makes a number of products machine-cut from acrylic, including these display sound effects. Those things have to rank as one of the most creative custom Mego display ideas I’ve ever seen.

The box was actually the first part I bought probably five years ago or more. I got it from Rebox Your Mego, which makes some great Mego custom boxes… not sure if he’s still making this Superman: The Movie one, but you can contact Mike at to see if he still makes it.

Oh, and here are the pictures:









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